Caterpillar Convoy

Caterpillar Convoy

We saw this convoy of 7 caterpillars on one of our walks. They actually were 9 but one got killed and one got badly injured (back part gone!).
While the injured one was dying the convoy moved on. We interfered with nature and put the injured caterpillar in 3th place. He followed and we were so happy that he made it. But the caterpillar behind the injured one did not follow, it looked like he was trying to find the one in front of him but couldn’t and started a second convoy of five.
We assumed this was due to the scent gland being damaged. Just when we wanted to move the injured one to the rear with the convoy of five, we saw that the convoy of five walked faster in the direction of the leader of the convoy of three. When he caught up, the leader from the convoy of three waited, let them pass and rejoined at the end of the convoy of five. Reunited, the convoy of eight moved on to the next food chain. Happy ending, yeah!!!…..except for the one that got killed, may he rest in peace…

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