In search of the Green Breasted Pitta

 In search of the Green Breasted Pitta

We set off before sunrise with a local ranger to find the elusive green breasted pitta. Within half an hour we heard his call and located him in the canopy. It was so beautiful to see him presenting us with his unique display whilst giving it’s distinct call. The trick was to keep our eyes on him so as soon as he would come down to feed, it would be easy to find him. Yeah, right, not so easy..
In the end we heard 3 different pitta’s calling but it took us five hours before we spotted one of them again.
And these 5 hours tracking in the dense forest were much harder then tracking gorillas. We looked like real idiots with our pants in our socks to keep the army ants out, still a few managed their way in and they are a pain! Vincent was quick enough to get a glimpse of the pitta’s beautiful colors, unfortunately I didn’t but I was more then pleased with having witnessed his display in the morning.
Pity we don’t have any pictures, maybe next time..

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