The 200 km from Tarangire to Dodoma took us 2 days and just over 12 hours driving time. After 6 hours bouncing about heavily corrugated gravel we decided to park in the bush for the night. A few beers would hopefully bring our sense of humor back and give us strength to drive the remaining 130km the next day.
A few villagers walked past and tried to tell us something but none could speak English or Flemish. They left and returned with a translator, apparently it was a dangerous area to sleep and they would help us with an askari (armed guard) for the night. So 1 hour later we had our guard with bow & poisonous arrows, very impressive!
Afterwards we heard that the road was indeed a high risk due to bandits robbing people, the local busses don’t even drive that road without being accompanied by an armed guard.

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