Deere John

Deere John

Eventually “Deere John” got us out with the help of 5 hard working men, 5 jacks, spades, panga, 4 sand tracks, 100 sandbags (yes 100!), loads of wooden planks, tree branches and bushes, ropes, triple stainless steel cable, blankets, a water pump … and a lot of patience!

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2 Responses to Deere John

  1. Simon Brehany says:

    I must admire your bravery in even considering to drive through there!!!! With my old Nissan Patrol with 33″ MT’s I would have been very very apprehensive… fact, if I was on my own like you guyz…nah….too scared… :o)

  2. Reinhard Redecker says:

    Vince, good thing it wasn’t a “Dear Johnny!” 🙂

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